Mastering Kings Cup Rules

For almost all cultures and countries across the world, drinking and games appear to match and go together. It’s actually true for hundreds of years before and may most probably be still the case for the coming centuries. Almost all people nowadays have already experienced playing the game at any given time of their lives. Of all types of card games, kings cup seems to be the most common game and young people especially university students are familiar with the kings cup rules.

Today a number of these games are already changed into numerous past times that can be found at the local bar scene including darts, pool, billiards, and ski-ball places. These places are continuing a centuries-old traditions that traces the roots to both cradles of Asian and western civilizations.

Kings cup is an excellent game for big or small groups of people. Groups that are composed of 3 or more members are ideal to play this game. The only real problems while playing this card game is that, when people are presently smashed thus a more often than not, people cannot concentrate and pay closer attention, and when there are plenty of different methods for playing the game.

Apart from the rules which go with the deck of cards, there’s another rule involved in playing the game that is silly but a fun more opportunity to get another person to drink alcoholic beverages is, first an individual has to break a deck of cards encircling drinks once.

The most important part in learning the game is to get familiar with the value and symbol that each card represents.

For those new to this game, kings up is a kind of drinking game involving the use a mug that is surrounded by cards spread alongside. To start the game, the players will now encircle the empty glass surrounded by cards, each player has to pick a card and the team or a player will do what the card says.

For each draw of cards, there?s a corresponding value and tricks that must be performed. Here are some of the most common and typical value of each card:

Ace – Waterfall
2 ? You-One can pick someone among the other players to take a drink
3 ? Me- The person who drew the card has to drink
4 ? Whores-All girls in the group must grab a drink
5 – Rhymes ? The person who drew the card have to say a word but the trick is that the person sitting on his left side has to think of a word that rhyme the word spoken by the person who drew the card within 5 minutes.
6 ? Dicks-All men within the circle has to drink.
7 – Thumbmaster (until another 7 is drawn)
8 ? Mate-The player who drew the card has the power to pick another player within the group to drink the alcohol. The chosen player has to drink for eight consecutive draws.
9 ? Categories-The player who drew the card can choose whatever he feels like adding to the drink but in the event it is the 4th King, the person who drew the card has to drink whatever drink poured or inside the cup.
10- Draw Again-A lifeline, the player who draws the card can pick another card. Good thing for those who drew bad cards but bad thing to those who picked an even worse card the second time around.
J – Make a Rule-As the name implies, the person who drew the card has the power to create his or her own rule which will be strictly followed by all the players throughout the game.
Q ? Questions-For those who drew this card, they have the privilege to ask whatever question they want to ask to a specific player within the group. But here?s the catch, the one who has been asked is not only has to answer the question but also to drink the alcohol.
K – Pour Some Beer in the Mug?Simple, the person who picked this card is only asked to pour an alcohol to the mug. Nothing more, nothing less and this is considered as one of the easiest card value in kings cup rules.

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