List of Card Games – Drinking Games to Enjoy with a Deck of Cards

While kings cup is one of the more popular drinking card games, there are actually other games of this nature to enjoy when you find yourself having more than a drink or two with friends or random acquaintances. It is no doubt how drinking appears to be a favorite past time among many. Many see it as an opportunity to feel a certain degree of elation and just enjoy every moment spent with your drinking buddies – may they be your friends, workmates or someone you just got to know. What’s even more interesting is the fact that spending your time drinking doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll just be drinking alone, you can also mix some fun and games while you raise your glass and pour down booze down your throats. So, how do you exactly go about with that? There are tons of ways to heighten up fun levels as you drink and playing card games is just one of them. Still no idea as to what card games are we referring to? No need to worry as we are here to present a list of card games you can enjoy along with your booze.

With a deck of cards on hand, several bottles of alcoholic drinks and a couple of friends by your side, you know you are all set and ready to start with any drinking card game that you may think of. But, alas, what if you aren’t familiar with any of these card games? Well, there is no reason for you to fret any longer as there are quite a number of card games you can enjoy as you spend a fun time with your friends and some alcohol. Here is a list of card games you might want to try on your next drinking venture:

  • Across the Bridge

With a minimum of two players, you can begin playing this drinking game. First, select 10 cards from the deck and lay them face down one by one on a straight line. This will be your bridge. The first player flips the first card and so on. Every player takes turns to flip a card. If a numbered card is flipped, simply move on to the next card. However, if a face card is flipped, then it is time for a consequence by drinking based on the value of the card.  Jack stands for one, Queen is two, King is for three and Ace is for four. The player will then add more cards to the end of the bridge based on the value of the face card he/she flipped. The game keeps on going until all the cards across the bridge have been flipped.

  • Drown the Clown

To begin this game, there should ideally be at least four players. Every player should be dealt with one card face down. Count to three for every player to flip their cards over. If any of the players have the same card, then they should point at the person who has a match with them and yell “clown!” The person who does it first will then get to watch the slower ones take the designated number of drinks. If ever someone points and yells “clown!” even without a match, then that person must drink three drinks.

  • Drug Dealer

This drinking game is ideal for a large group of players (more than six is recommended). From the deck, get the same amount of cards as there are players. Do not forget to select an ace and king as you select cards. Shuffle the cards and distribute one to every player. The person who gets the ace is the drug dealer while the one who gets the king is the cop. The drug dealer’s role is to wink at other players discreetly. Once the other player sees the wink and identifies the drug dealer, he/she is to say “The deal has been made”. The cop then introduces himself/herself and is set to determine who the drug dealer is. If, by any chance, the cop sees the drug dealer’s wink, then the dealer has to drink for five seconds. The game then starts again. If ever the cop wrongly identifies the drug dealer, then he/she should drink based on the value found on the player’s card. The card should then be removed. If the cop is right in guessing who the drug dealer is, then the drug dealer has to drink based on the number of cards left among the players. Once the drug dealer has been identified, the game ends.

Aside from having a crazy fun time with drinking buddies, you sure are most likely going to have drinking card games as a way for you to regularly bond. Even though there isn’t assurance that you’ll remember every moment in your memory, you know that it will all be worthwhile.

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