While the adults are busy playing the drinking game of Kings Cup, and this surely is one of the fastest way to get drunk.

There are variations on how to play the Kings Cup depending on the group and level of intimacy between players. But it sure does get the fame for the alcohol and fun loving college students. But this should not also be about getting drunk but more on socialization. And not only students enjoy Kings Cup but also parents!

So while parents are having a good game with cards, the kids are the concern. Are there card games for kids? Yes there are a lot kid- friendly card games that you can do at home, during holidays or when you want them to have their own fun while the parents are having fun with their own group.

card games kids

card games for kids

Card games are not just about gambling or drinking. If guided properly these card games for kids are one good avenue  to teach children how to count, making strategies and sportsmanship.  Also cards are the cheap and easy to use. Ir is time also to get your children to try other fun thing to do and INTERACT with fellow players.

Unlike the expensive gadgets they have been playing and holding, cards can provide fun for longer time and is best used for group games for kids.

So here are the following card games for kids that you can teach them by using a standard deck of cards (contains 52 cards) .


This game is good for seven year old and older with minimum of two players.

Mechanics of the game: Have someone “deal” in handing out the cards to give out seven cards to each player each. If there are more than 3 in the group, then only give out 5 cards each.  The remaining cards is put in the center, facing down.

Then each player has to group their cards according to the same number of kind of suits. Appoint one to start then this player asks the person on the left for a card that will match his pr her own set. Example, the player has two sets of Kings and another Two sets of Spades, then he or she asks for either king or another card with spade. The player requesting that card until he can no longer “fish” and that player tells him or her to “fish around”. Each one gets an opportunity to fish. Whoever collects four cards in a set, example all cards with spade or a set of Queens wins. If the card runs out, the player if the most complete sets is the winner.


This game is good for 5 year old with around 3 players. Get out one Queen out from the standard deck of card. All cards will be distributed to each player. The cards are  grouped based on suits or same number. The cards paired are put down then the remaining cards will be held up by each player. Then each player gets one card from another player on his or her left. This will continue until all cards have been paired up until the sole Queen or the Old Maid card. Now the player holding it loses the game.


This game is good for 3 year old to test their concentration and memory by using a standard deck of cards. But for easy game at first, you can use fewer cards like all number sets only and use the pairs.  Spread the cards facing down in the table forming a grid. The goal is to find matching pairs of card. Let the players take a peek of the cards. If the player is able to turn over cards and able to get a pair, he/ she gets it. this continues until not turned up cards remains. Thus who got the most pairs wins.


This is good for 5 year old and up with around 2 to 4 players using a standard deck of cards.If there are only two to 3 players, give each 7 cards each. if there are 4 players, 5 cards each player will suffice. Then the rest will be put down with the top card turned up as the “discard.” The player then identifies a card in the same suit in the discard If the player does not have the same card as the discard, then he or she will get on the center pile until he gets one. The one who’s card are first to used up wins. If in case the player has teh same suits, the card with bigger value, example, card with number 8 is higher than card 9, Ace is higher than King, he/she decided on what to put in the center as “discard”.


This is good for 6 year old and higher with 2 players using a standard deck of cards. All cards will be served to both players. Player turns up card in random and the one who gets the higher rank of rank takes it with his or her pile. The “war” starts when  cards with same value are put dow. Then the players continue to put cards together and who got the higher rank and gets most of the cards.

6. SNAP IT! 

This game is appropriate for 6 year olds with two or more players using standard deck of cards. Another deck can be used if players is beyond 3.

There is a dealer to serve all of the cards to all players. Then one will start turning up their pile with another player ot his left going the same. The player who notices two cards facing up having the same number will shout “SNAP!” and will get both cards. If in case two players shouted “SNAP!” at the same time, they will create a snap pool of cards. The play continues until one player  got a higher card matching the suit in the snap poll and shouts “SNAP POOL”. He/ she gets the pool of cards. But he inadvertently mistaken shouting snap pool, he/she can either give each player a random card from his/her pile or his/her pile will be sued as the new snap pool. the player who gets most fo the card wins.


This is good for 6 year old and older with 3 up to 13 players using the standard deck of cards.  The dealer will choose four sets in the deck and then shuffle and deal 4 cards wth each player. Then each person puts one card at the center. When everyone puts already the card, they will pass it to the player on their left. The new card will eb picked up. When the player completes his set, he or she points at his/her nose. Then players followed suite whether they have completed the set or not. The player who puts their fingers on their nose last will get the letter P on the forehead. This will continue until one player is able to spell out PIG on his forehead loses.


This is best for 7 year old and older using standard deck of cards accommodating 2 to 6 players.  This has a more complicated rules compared to other card games for kids outlined here.

First the dealer gives 10 cards each to the player; the card will be reduced to 7 or 6 each when players have increased. The remaining card will be ut at the center. Each player will make up “melds” or pairs on their cards, whether it is same suit or numbers or it is flash (cards in increasing order in the same suit). Top of this pile will be turned up the it will be taken by the first player and will use the top card with its own meld. Then he/she will discard a card in “replacement” of that card and will give it to the next player. If the next player accepts the card, he/she will put it in his/her own meld and lay it down in the table. If the next player chooses to discard the card, he/she can do so and get one new card from the stock pile. The player who gets more meld laid down ont he table wins.


This is a game for 4 year old with 2 to 5 players using a standard deck of cards.  The dealer will “deal” with each player starting with the Aces at the center. then the player can discard four cards then the next player discard two cards. The player will have to say the cards they discard but it does not necessarily it is true. So if one player doubts the veracity fo the card “discarded” he/she will say, “I DOUBT THAT” the one who challenged it will check the veracity of the cards. Just like the skeptic apostle who refused to believe everything unless personally experienced it, the challenger has to see for him/herself if the card laid down and what the player has said is the same. If the one who doubted it was true, then the player who discarded it will get the pile, But if the challenge was wronged, he/she will be the one who takes the discard pile. The first player who laid down all of the cards wins.


THis is for 4 year old and older using standard deck of cards accommodating 2 to 5 players.  There should be a “dealer” who will distribute the cards to the players, piling them up. Uneven cards with each player is okay. The game starts when first player will turn up one card from his/her own pile and puts it in the center. this goes around until a Jack is put at the center and players would “slap” the center and whoever slaps the pile first will get the whole pile. This will continue until another Jack card appears. The one who got most fo the cards wins.

There are still more card games for kids that you can teach your children. You can make variations. just remember, while the adults are busy playing some naughty Kings cup game, a child-friendly card game can also be played.  There are even designer player cards that you can check out for your own liking.

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